Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 3, 2011

The movie Cars 2 came out just a few weeks after Luke was born.  My mother in law Janelle was here at the time and she took Isaac to see the movie.  Well Isaac has been talking about it ever since and asking all sorts of questions about the characters and their names and everything else.  I figured I would need to go see it with him eventually and today was the day!  It was kind of fun to have a little date with just Isaac and I.  And we were the only ones in the entire theater.  Only bad thing was that I have been giving Luke a bottle just about once a week so that he could drink from one if needed.  Well of course the one time we actually needed him to he totally refused to take it and Charlie ended up texting me towards the end of the movie to let me know that Luke was quite upset with that bottle.  

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