Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

I'm not sure who hates going to get Cracker's nails clipped more - me or Cracker.  He is always a nervous wreck and I have to drag him through the store shaking and whining while Isaac tries to run in the opposite direction to go look at fish.  I always put this off as long as possible, but since Cracker got one of his nails caught in the carpet yesterday I figured it was time.  And best to go now while Janelle is still here to help.  Good thing too because it turned out to be total chaos.  Luke woke up and screamed loud enough for me to hear him clear on the other side of the store, Cracker was his usual bundle of nerves, and Isaac his usual bundle of energy.  I later heard Janelle on the phone with my father in law describing our outing as a "circus."  Sounds about right!  

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