Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011

Today my friend Christy & I took the boys to the pool by her house in Woodbury.  It was a nice pool and Isaac & Hudson had a great time.  But when we first got there we noticed all of these little kids... and no adults.  There was probably 8 to 10 children playing in the pools and they were all suited up with life jackets and floaties.  Finally we spotted the mothers: in a cabana clear on the other side of the pool area, chatting and half of them with their backs turned to the pool.  I hope I don't sound racist or anything, but they were all Asian so maybe it is a cultural thing?  Some of these kids were really little and were playing in the big pool all by themselves.  Christy & I were kind of shocked.  And I think the kids were probably really sad when we finally went home and took all of the toys with us!  

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