Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011

Tonight we went to our friends' Sam & Sherri's house to celebrate their daughter Vera's first birthday.  There were cupcakes for everyone, but that cake for Vera was just a little too tempting for the 4 and under crowd.  I think every kid at the party took a turn sticking their fingers in the frosting.  After Vera finished attacking her cake Isaac told me "Mom, that baby is really messy!"  

Another funny little thing from Isaac today: we were driving home from somewhere and the car in front of us was driving really terribly.  I was in a hurry and was getting quite irritated.  Then Isaac says to me "Mom, you need to just calm down."  (I tell him this all the time.)  "How about you just go around him?"  Good idea Isaac, good idea.  

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