Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011

This morning my friend Amy from our ward called and asked if Isaac wanted to come over to play with her son Steve.  They live very close to us so we walked over and Isaac rode his bike.  When I picked him up we still had a little time before school so Isaac rode his bike out front for awhile.  He told me that he was wearing his "secret spy sunglasses" to look for bad guys.  

Isaac is really into "bad guys" lately and awhile ago he asked me where they all were.  I told him they were in jail.  Then he wanted to know where the jail was so I told him it was in Chino.  Today he begged me "Please Mom can I go to Chino?  Because I am really brave and I need to fight the bad guys."  Ha!  I had to hold back my laughter for that one.  

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