Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10, 2013

Our heater has been broken all winter long.  Like when it first started getting chilly and we tried turning it on, it just wouldn't turn on.  Winters in Southern CA are usually pretty mild and we were afraid that since the furnace is 30+ years old that we would end up having to replace the whole thing.  So we put off having it fixed.  We bought space heaters, but we had to be careful when we used them because we kept blowing fuses.  Old wiring I guess?  And then it started getting colder.  And we had Christmas expenses.  And colder.  And both our cars broke down.  And colder (like in the 30's at night! Yikes!).   And we finally gave in and called the repairman.  Luckily the old furnace was repairable and of course Isaac was fascinated by the process.  And we are all thoroughly enjoying the warmth! 

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