Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9, 2013

As we were coming home from the gym today Luke ran over to the side porch where we keep the bikes and started going crazy, begging to ride.  I obliged and after snapping on both of their helmets we were off!  Luke is still too small for Isaac's old tricycle.  He has the shortest little legs and he can just barely reach the pedals with the tips of his toes.  But he loves wearing a helmet to be just like Isaac, and having me push him all around.  We rode down to the lake and stopped to see the geese and ducks, and then rode over the wood bridge before turning around and coming home.  Isaac would have loved to go much further but Luke was done riding and kept jumping off at random, so that pretty much put an end to the fun. 

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  1. Only in California! Would take your beautiful sunny skies over our frost-land!