Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 25, 2013

I found a new car wash place in Fountain Valley (near Luke's speech place) that I love and here is why.  The basic wash is only $5.  They let you use their vacuums for free.  You can stay in your car during the drive-thru and then just drive away when it's done.  There are guys in the drive-thru, not just the machines, so the car actually gets clean.  You can upgrade your wash and have them hand dry it, etc.  But for a quick wash it's perfect!  Isaac loves riding up in the front seat.  His favorite part is the "green slime."  

Isaac has also invented another type of drive-thru for cars.  It's called a "Bleh Bleh" and it's the place where you go to get your car dirty.  It will dump dirt, mud, bird poop, and smashed bugs on your car.  Sounds lovely, right?  He thinks he is hilarious and tells me all the time that he wants to take my car to the Bleh Bleh, and then he starts laughing hysterically.  

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