Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 28, 2013

We got a call today saying that our new couch is going to be delivered tomorrow.  That means we had to get the old one out of here.  We tried having a Salvation Army type place come pick it up a few weeks ago, but when they got here they said it was "too worn."  What?  It's not that bad.  Or is it?  I guess that's when you know you really need new furniture - when you can't even give away the old!  Anyway, I posted it on Craigslist this afternoon in the "free" section.  But every time I tried to take a picture Luke kept jumping on the couch.  I sent him to go jump on Dad instead!  

A few college guys came to pick it up.  Isaac & Luke both thought this was really exciting, and after they left Luke thought he'd go ahead and pick up our other couch.  

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