Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 12, 2011

We recently started buying organic milk.  The expiration date on the last carton we bought was over a month away so I thought it must have been an error.  Well tonight we picked up another carton and I was surprised to see another expiration date almost six weeks away.  I did a little google-ing and it turns out that organic milk uses a different pasteurizing process than regular milk.  It is heated at a higher temperature and kills virtually all bacteria, allowing it to stay fresh for much longer.  The downside is that it caramelizes some of the lactose resulting in a sweeter flavor, but since I pretty much only use milk on my cereal and in cooking I have never noticed the difference in flavor.  Plus we always ended up throwing out half used cartons of regular milk, so in the long run I think the organic option will actually be saving us money!  

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