Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 20, 2013

Tonight was Open House at Isaac's school.  Though I've spent a decent amount of time in his classroom, Isaac was excited to bring us and show us a few of his favorite things at school.  He really loves school, his classmates, and his teacher this year.  I hope it continues in years to come!  His teacher, Ms. Chelle, could not stop talking about how Isaac is such a ladies man.  There are two little girls - Emma (the one he is supposedly going to marry) and Ivanna - that both love Isaac.  Chelle says the three of them are often holding hands and one day while listening to a presentation he was standing with one arm around each of their shoulders.  Should I be worried?  I'm just glad he is making friends.  And he does play with the boys too.  Alexander and Jack are his favorites.  There is another boy named Samarth and I always can't help laughing when Isaac talks about him because he calls him "Smarf."

Also, I got a good laugh from his zoo poster that was hanging on the wall.   Forcefields?  Of course!

Here is his description:  This zoo has three monkeys and it has one tank for a crocodile.  This zoo has forcefields to keep animals in their cages.  We are going to buy one more crocodile.  We have, you'll be surprised of what you will see.  You will be surprised about the very mean lion.  The zebra is nice as long as you're nice to him.  The elephant is still nice to you even if you are mean!  This is the best zoo in your life you go to!

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