Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 5, 2016

After this recent miscarriage my doctor wanted to run a series of blood tests to see if he could determine any cause for the recurrent losses.  Most of the results came back already and everything looks fine.  I was still waiting on results for one more test.  Today they finally called and told me that the blood sample for the last test was insufficient and I would need to retake it.  So off to LabCorp I went.  I'm not very hopeful about getting any answers but they told me the test had already been billed to insurance anyway, so I might as well retake it.  

Today Luke was really enthusiastic about helping me with all of my chores around the house.  He especially enjoyed helping with laundry by matching socks and pushing the basket around to different rooms to deliver the folded piles of clothes.  While we were matching socks I was helping him to identify the subtle differences in a few different pairs of Charlie's black socks.  Then I just had to laugh when Luke tried to match a few pairs of Charlie's Stance socks because they are intentionally slightly mismatched.  So everything I had just taught Luke about the subtleties of black socks went right out the window!  

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