Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Yes, we are those "crazy dog people."  We watched the Westminster Dog Show last year and Isaac loved it.  It is several hours long, so we just had it on in the background and we were a little surprised at how interested he was in it.  This year we made sure to record the show on our DVR and today we watched it together.  Isaac still loves learning about all of the different kind of dogs but he was most excited about the bulldog.  He has been telling us for months that bulldogs are his favorite because of the bulldog from the movie Rio.  Today while watching the dog show he kept asking "is the bulldog coming yet?"  And here he is: the bulldog!

Funny story.  Isaac often talks about what he's going to be when he grows up or different things that he's going to do.  He also likes to tell me about all of the dogs he's going to have.  One day he was telling me that he was going to have the biggest dog of all.  A dog so big that he would take up the whole couch and that his name would be Peanut.  I laughed and told him that was a funny name for a big dog because a peanut is such a little thing.  He seemed to understand the irony and quickly changed his future dog's name to Cruise Ship.  That made me laugh even more.  That conversation took place a few months ago and he is still making reference to "Cruise Ship" the dog.  It makes me smile every time.

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