Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 28, 2013

Before & after Luke's haircut.  His hair had been getting super long.  I wanted to have it trimmed before our trip, but first Isaac was sick and then Luke was sick and I just didn't get a chance to take him.  He did pretty well during the cut today.  He definitely prefers the clippers to the scissors, which is kind of funny.  He gets a big smile when he hears the buzz noise, but whenever the stylist would hold pieces of his hair and starts snipping he would jerk his head away.  Anyway, his hair turned out cute enough - though you can't really tell from the funny way she styled it in this picture.  As a side note, I've always loved this blue shirt on him (he wore it on his first birthday) but I'm surprised he can still wear it.  Isaac was always off the charts with his growth while Luke has turned out to be my small little guy.  

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