Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19, 2013

This giant egg guy is from the package that Charlie's friend in Taiwan sent us.  The boys loved this thing!  I was pretty impressed with it too.  It is from Germany so the chocolate is way better than most stuff you find in the US and the toys are cool too.  So inside this big egg there were several foil wrapped chocolate eggs.  Inside each chocolate egg was one of these yellow plastic eggs, and inside the plastic eggs were little toys.  Isaac was so excited to open all of the toys, and Luke is totally enamored with the giant egg.  It has been sitting on our kitchen table and every time Luke sits down to eat he wants the egg right next to him.  He then proceeds to point out his hat, eyes, nose, hands, mouth, shoes, etc and waits for me to name each part.  Who knew an egg would be such a hit?  

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