Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6, 2013

There is a woman that goes to my gym (I've since learned her name is Vivian) and I've noticed her for a long time because she was still coming to spin class in her third trimester of pregnancy.  (Unfortunately her baby girl suffered from trisomy and passed away just a few hours after birth.  Heartbreaking.)   Last week she approached me outside of the kids club and started asking me about Luke and how old he is, and is he talking.  Her son is just a few months older (turning 2 this week) and isn't talking at all.  At first I wasn't sure if she was just making small talk or really wanted to chat, but after a few minutes I went ahead and told her about Isaac, his autism, his speech disorder, and how we have also started Luke in therapy.  She then wanted to know everything about Regional Center, different therapies we've tried, what kind of diet we feed our kids, etc, etc.  I don't consider myself an expert by any means but I was glad to tell her what I know and help her out.  She got my number and wanted to get together to talk more so today we met them at the park.  We'd never been to this park before and the boys loved it! And Vivian has already called Regional Center and started the process of getting services for her son.  I am so glad because after meeting him I can see why she is concerned and this will definitely be a big help for them, as it has been for us.

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