Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3, 2013

I was nervous to take this photo for fear of waking Luke up with the flash (sorry it's blurry).  He is a super light sleeper!  When I went to check on him before bed it made me smile to see him with one of his "googin" blankets wrapped over his head.  He has carried these blankets around since he was a tiny baby.  When he was still crawling he used to throw them on top of his head so he could carrying them with him.  Whenever he sees them he gets a huge smile on his face and snuggles them to his face.  When he's just relaxing in the car or with us on the couch he will sit and wrap his fingers in the folds and rub the fabric.  There are usually at least two of them in his bed every night.  I can't imagine how he'd ever go to sleep without them.  And his pacifier of course.  

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