Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

Two years ago there was a little girl in Isaac's class named Alex.  Isaac has always told me that he was going to marry Alex, until just a few weeks ago when he told me "Mom, I'm not going to marry Alex anymore, I'm going to marry Emma!"  Emma is the darling girl on the back of Isaac's bike in this photo and her little sister Charlie is following behind.  Isaac normally goes to speech before school but on Mondays he has it after school instead.  Isaac & Luke both love getting to play on the playground while we wait for the teacher to open the doors.  And Isaac always offers Emma a ride on his bike.  Their teacher tells me they are always holding hands and I've witnessed it myself at class parties and birthday parties.  It is super cute.  And Emma is the one who initiates so I guess she must like him too.

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