Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013

Charlie took Isaac to an Angel's game tonight.  It would be fun to all go together but we don't trust that Luke would sit still for very long.  He was awfully sad when he figured out he was getting left home.  Luke loves to "go" anywhere and everywhere.  He saw Charlie and Isaac with their hats and immediately wanted to wear his hat too.  And shoes.  Poor thing was scrambling to get ready to go and when they left without him he burst into tears.  We stayed home and baked cookies and he quickly forgot all about it.  Charlie & Isaac reportedly had a good time even though the Angels lost.  I'm sure they'll go back for another game or two this season.  

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  1. Luke reminds me of daphne as I read your posts! Your blog is so great. Your kids are fun to read about...very cute.