Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013

I still wasn't really feeling well this morning so I skipped the gym, but by the evening I was doing better and craving a good workout.  Charlie was on his way home from Mexico so I took the boys to the kids club.  I snapped this photo on our way back to the car.  Isaac was so proud of the drawing he made.  He drew some creatures that he calls "starmies."  He explained them to me but I kind of forgot what they are or wasn't listening that well.  Oops.  Something about underwater robotic creatures I think.  And Luke was really proud of his "flops."  We went shoe shopping recently and he tried on some flip flops and was so excited pointing to Isaac's feet and back to his own feet and saying "flops! flops!"  I kind of had to get him some.  He LOVES them.

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