Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013

This morning I took Isaac to a Kindergarten tour at Meadow Park.  There was lots of standing around listening to the principal talk.  Isaac listened for about 10 seconds, heard something about "medically fragile" students and ambulances (there is a special county program on the school campus) and then started asking me a million questions about that topic.  "What does fragile mean?"  "Why do they get sick a lot?"  "What kind of diseases do they have?"  The one other thing that really caught his interest was a Star Wars ABCs book that he found in one of the classrooms.

Tonight I took Isaac & Luke to an event inside one of the Tustin blimp hangars.  These things are absolutely enormous and a standout landmark for the area.  I've always wondered what they looked like inside and was really excited to check them out.  I'll have to do another post with more pictures.  If you look in this picture at the people standing right outside the building, you get a better idea of how huge it is.  Poor Charlie stayed home sick (he came back from Mexico with a bacterial stomach infection, which means yet another round of throw-up at the Wood house!).

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