Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013

Today was Isaac's jog-a-thon at school.  Luke and I were planning to go watch, and then right as I was heading out the door the phone rang.  I had been playing phone tag with the pediatrician and needed to talk to her.  We got to the school just a few minutes late and they were already done.  Pretty much if you blinked you missed it since most of the kids only ran one lap.  But Isaac ran five!  All of the other parents were telling me how he did such a great job.  Way to go Isaac!  Anyway, after the jog-a-thon the kids had playground time and it didn't make sense for Luke & I to drive all the way home by then, so we stayed and played.  Isaac made chalk drawings of electric eels.

Luke navigated this playground like a pro and loved, loved, LOVED it!  He climbed up and went down both slides over and over again.  He was really excited about the gummy bear "medal" that one of the parents gave him to wear.  And he was also really interested in the scooter that he found.

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