Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11, 2013

Hard to believe that this cute face could be such a little trouble maker!  Today as we were driving (on the freeway) to speech, Luke decided to try climbing out of his seatbelt.  He got both of his arms through the top straps and then grabbed the seat in front of him trying to use it as leverage to push his little bottom out of the remaining lap belts.  We were in busy traffic and fairly close to our destination so I scolded him a bit and kept driving, keeping one eye on my rear view mirror and Luke the monkey.  Then, just as we got off our exit he leaned over and opened his door!!!  I about had a heart attack.  We have always kept the child safety locks on the back doors but for some reason this one had been switched off.  Thank goodness we were off the freeway by now.  I quickly pulled over, strapped him back in and re-locked the door.  And they say cell phones are too distracting?  

Isaac has always struggled a bit with fine motor skills and handwriting is no exception.  We have been working on it for the past year, but there is still much room for improvement.  I don't want him to fall behind too much in the coming school year so we are keeping up practice through the summer.  He kind of hates it, but I am bribing him with "points" to earn new toys.  Today he drew a picture and wrote about the play area at the new gym that he LOVES.  I've had to start going to the LA Fitness in Fountain Valley a few days a week (ghetto!) because Luke's appointments got moved to the morning during my regular gym time.  I have to miss some of my favorite classes and this other gym is not nearly as nice as our gym in Irvine.  So really the only upside is that Isaac thinks the kids club there is the coolest thing ever.  At least we have that.  

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