Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28, 2013

Yes I'm posting this awful picture of myself for the day.  Because this has been me for the past four days now!  I've been sick with I don't even know what.  It started as a sore throat, fever, and chills and has progressed into a constant pounding headache, a cough, a couple of sleepless nights (even after taking Nyquil which I hate), and now today a horrible ear ache.  Charlie convinced me to go in to the urgent care.  The first thing the doctor did was look in my ears and notice that they were filled with wax.  Gross!  I know.  But I've always had this problem since I was a kid.  My ears get impacted way down deep where I couldn't ever reach with a q-tip and the doctor has to clean them for me every now and then.  So here I am laying with drops and cotton balls in my ears in between flushing treatments.  So much fun.  He really seemed more interested in the wax problem than anything I had to say about the symptoms that were actually bothering me, but he did send me away with a prescription for some amoxicillin.  (And again I really hate taking any kind of drugs at all, but I am feeling pretty desperate at this point.)  Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.  

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