Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18, 2013

Isaac had his yearly check-up today with the doctor.  He had to have a physical for kindergarten.  They needed a urine sample and he was totally fascinated with the idea of peeing in a cup.  He was also really excited to see that his pee was "golden" which is his favorite color (yes, golden).  

After the doctor, Sandy and the cousins came out to visit.  First we went to the bike park, but after riding bikes and scooters for an hour or so the kids moved onto something much more exciting.  Snail races.  Ryan had seen the movie "Turbo" a few days before and introduced the rest of the kids to the idea of snail racing.  They were all intrigued by this and spent the next hour scouring the park for snails and checking back on the progress of the race.  

Here's cute Hailey with two of her snail racers.

Next it was on to the pool for a bit of swimming before dinner.  I forget how lucky we are to have our choice of over 20 pools open to us at anytime we want.  The cousins were really excited to get to swim and are already planning their next visit to come back.  

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