Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013

Today during Isaac's swimming lessons Luke started pointing and getting really excited about a bird.  I looked and saw this little blue parakeet sitting a few feet from the pool.  Luke loves animals and was eager to get his hands on this bird, since it didn't appear to be going anywhere.  My sisters and I had parakeets growing up so I immediately took an interest in it.  He was obviously a pet that had somehow been let loose, and he couldn't fly (pet birds often have their wings clipped).  Poor thing.  I will never understand how people can be such irresponsible pet owners.  It makes me angry.  We ended up calling the Irvine Animal Shelter and they sent someone to come get him.  Isaac & Luke both loved watching the whole ordeal and talking with the officer.  He assured me that the little bird would either find his original home or be adopted out.  So we did our good deed for the day - saved the life of a parakeet!

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