Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2, 2013

My friend Erin & her family are visiting family in California for the 4th of July but we got the chance to hang out with them today.  Erin & Ben have four boys, plus they brought Becky's son Drew with them.  With the addition of Isaac & Luke we had seven little boys splashing around in the pool today.  Erin and I hung out in the little pool with the younger boys while Ben took on the role of diving coach with the older boys.  I was really proud of Isaac for jumping off the diving board over and over again and swimming to the edge all by himself.  He even tried the high dive!  Thanks Erin for coming to hang out with us.

Tonight we began our long journey to Utah.  After Charlie got off of work we drove to Vegas where we are staying the night.  

I also have to include this funny Isaac story for the day so that I don't forget it.  Today while driving home from Luke's speech session Isaac asked where we were going next.  I started singing the chorus of "Home on the Range," but after just one round Isaac stopped me.  "No no Mom, you are supposed to sing that song in a sweet lovely voice.  Not like Snuffaluffagus!"  Perhaps I should be insulted by him comparing me to a nasally sounding puppet, but I actually thought it was hilarious.  I've always known that I have a pretty awful singing voice - I just never expected my children to call me out on it at such a young age!  

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