Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Today Isaac learned about free samples at Costco and he was in heaven.  I remember being equally excited about all of the bite sized portions of food when I was a kid, but these days I rarely bother to stop and taste anything.  We normally go to Costco in the evenings or early in the morning to avoid the crowds.  Today I decided to go while Luke was at OT in the early afternoon.  I assume the lunch hours are also the peak sample hours.  Anyway, Isaac's favorite was this tangerine juice which we ended up buying.  He was simply delighted by this new discovery.  "Mom!" he said, "these people are so nice!  They just give you all the snacks for free!"  He's become quite picky about trying new foods in the last year, and that held true today.  He wouldn't eat just anything but he did try the tangerine juice, a chocolate chip cookie, a Fiber One brownie bite, some Pirate Booty, and a granola bar.  On the way to the car he declared "I LOVE COSTCO!"

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