Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

We have this DVD series called All About that features a magical genie named Hard Hat Harry and he goes around with kids to learn about all kind of vehicles.  There are episodes about fire engines, garbage & recycling, boats, airplanes, monster trucks, etc.  Isaac used to watch it when he was little and now Luke is obsessed with it.  (Yes, we watch a little too much TV over here.)  A few days ago I found a DVD that we didn't have yet with helicopters, mail trucks, space shuttles, and a couple other things.  I new Luke would love it, so with a few clicks it was on its way to our house (gotta love Amazon Prime).  I turned it on today and both boys were LOVING it.  They sat and ate snacks while watching the helicopters and then tanks.  All the while I could hear them in the other room shouting "Oh yeah!" and "Awesome!" over and over again.  Best $6 ever.

We are still dealing with Luke's bedtime battles.  He's up past 10:00 every night and it's driving us a little, okay a lot, crazy.  I am really missing those few quiet hours to myself in the evening.  So the past few days I have been skipping naps in an attempt to tire him out.  Not working.  Well he is tired, yes (see above photo), but he is still not going to bed!  What's the deal kid?  Give your momma a break!  

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