Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 20, 2013

Today was the "Thanksgiving Sing" for all of the Kindergarten classes.  They have been practicing songs and working on costumes for the past couple of weeks.  Isaac was really excited about the Indian costume that he made - especially the vest because, as he told me several times, he drew a gun on it.  Kid is obsessed with guns.  Help.  As for the songs, every time I asked him about singing he'd tell me "oh you know Mom, you know, just songs."  But I did catch him a handful of times singing bits and pieces quietly to himself in the days leading up to his performance.

When it came time for the program the parents were all seated in the auditorium and then the students started filing in.  It was a sea of hushed hellos and waves as kids and parents spotted each other in the crowd.  Isaac couldn't seem to find Luke & I despite my huge full arm waves, until his friend Ivan (standing next to Isaac in the photo) helped point us out.  Then Isaac got a huge grin and he and Luke exchanged some big waves.  The kids sang half a dozen songs and Isaac seemed pretty bored by the whole thing.  Afterwards the teachers asked them to all hold still and then they let the parents come up and take photos of our pilgrim or indian.   

Next it was time for the Thanksgiving Feast.  In my opinion it was a disaster.  Most days the kindergarteners are divided into "Early Birds" and "Later Gators" but today they were all at school at the same time.  Add in all of their parents and siblings and it was a major crowd.  We were supposed to find our child and help direct them to their assigned spot at a table, but we could barely even walk because it was so crowded.  Luke was over it and took off towards the playground.  I got Isaac situated with his "feast" (of which he only ate the popcorn and apples before running off to play), and then squeezed out to keep an eye on Luke.  He had found one of his favorite things in life and was happily kicking and chasing a soccer ball around the blacktop.

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