Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

We have company coming this week for Thanksgiving, so in addition to the big turkey meal we need lots of other food for all of the other meals.  I normally do my shopping at Sprouts, which doesn't carry most of the items you see in this cart.  Our nephew Asher has some disabilities and one of his favorite things to do is to eat.  I wanted to make sure we had plenty of his favorite snacks around, and some food for the rest of us too.  Isaac has the whole week off of school.  He wasn't that excited to come shopping with me until I convinced him that I really needed his help finding all of the right foods for the cousins.  Then he was happy to help.  And he was pretty excited about all of the junk we were loading into the basket too, since it is stuff that we don't ever buy.

Luke does have school this week and today he made a turkey.  Oh he was SO excited to show me this thing and tell me all about it.  He was seriously giddy.  He wanted to hold it all the way home.  "It's a apple, it's a turkey!" he kept telling me over and over again.

As much as Luke loves his little turkey, he also loves sweets.  That little candy corn beak has been tempting him all day long.  Tonight as he was standing in the kitchen holding his turkey he stared long and hard at the beak, and then leaned in and took a little nibble off the end.  Then he looked back at the turkey and burst into tears!  His beak was ruined.  It was equally sad and adorable to see him so upset.  We don't have any more candy corn, but I did have some orange gummy worms.  I snipped off a little piece of worm and replaced the beak.  Luke was satisfied with the new beak and happily gobbled up the rest of the candy corn.

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