Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013

After lunch we headed out to run errands.  First things first: haircuts!  Isaac has been growing his hair out so that he could have “Luke Skywalker” hair for Halloween.  It was looking super shaggy and I was counting down the days until we could cut it.  Next we headed to the carwash (with Dum Dums from the hair salon).  It rained earlier this week and made my car really dirty.  Luke noticed (he does not like dirty) and kept insisting that we needed a car wash.  Seriously, every time we got in the car he would tell me “Mom, we NEED a CARWASH.”  We’ve only been to this particular wash a handful of times but I’ve decided it’s my new favorite.  The big windows are perfect for my little audience.  

I skipped Luke’s nap again in hopes that he would sleep tonight.  And Luke fell asleep in the car again.  I know he is tired.  Why won’t he go to bed?!

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