Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013

Today was Isaac's first day of Kindergarten!  He was mostly excited but a little bit nervous because he is worried about having to do lots of "paperwork" this year.  (His preschool teacher told him last year that there would be a lot more sitting and writing when he went to Kindergarten.)  I assured him that he probably wouldn't have to do much paperwork on the first day and that seemed to ease his mind a bit.

His teacher is Mrs. Hurwitz.  I was able to meet her a few times last year and I really like her and am glad that Isaac got to be in her class.  I had to say goodbye to Isaac at the door and didn't get to go into the classroom.  Instead Luke & I had to go to a Back to School parent meeting.  I hope they didn't say anything too important, or that's not in the packet, because Luke kept trying to run away (he wanted to play outside) and my best attempts to entertain him with toys, snacks, and the iPad were simply not working.  We left early.  

When I picked Isaac up after school (he apparently hadn't spotted me yet in this photo), he said that his first day was "awesome" and he loved it.  But as I started asking him more questions he quickly changed his tune and decided that he didn't like it after all.  Oh no.  He said they made him sing nursery rhymes and he doesn't like nursery rhymes because he is not a baby!  But luckily the only "paperwork" was drawing a picture of a bear.  Overall I would say the first day was a success.

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