Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14, 2013

Late this afternoon Charlie decided he wanted to take the boys to the pool.  Unfortunately the "season" is over so the association has stopped heating and cleaning most of the community pools.  There are a handful that are open year round so we went to one of them tonight.  Isaac loves the diving board and will jump off it over and over again.  Charlie took them once earlier this week and told me that Luke jumped off too!  Tonight Luke was being a party pooper and kept saying he wanted to go home.  But then he found the extra pair of goggles in my bag and wanted to wear them so he could be just like Isaac.  And he wanted to jump off the diving board like Isaac too.  He looked so tiny up there.  But he only got this far and then turned around and wanted to get down.  Maybe next time.  

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