Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013

It was picture day for Isaac today at school.  Isaac is such a handsome boy with a great smile, if you can just get him to look at the camera and act natural.  He usually freezes up and looks away.  I have to find creative ways to make him laugh and look in my general direction.  So today I prepped him with a funny thing to think about when it was his turn for pictures.  A few nights ago Cracker got ahold of a dirty Kleenex that Isaac had dropped on the floor and shredded it to pieces.  Isaac thought it was hilarious, so we planned for him to remember that and it would make him smile.  Hopefully it worked!

Today was Luke's second day of preschool (just one day a week for now).  This all kind of just fell into place within the last week because the new therapy program was not a good fit for him.  I need to get a better "first day of school" photo for him... even though he already had a first day.  Anyway, today I sent him with a backpack for the first time.  It was an extra we had in the closet, but it is shaped like Lightning McQueen (not sure why it is blue... a friend sent it from Taiwan).  Coincidentally Luke has recently started watching the movie Cars and loves Lightning McQueen (he is also holding a die cast version in his hand), so this was perfect.  He is absolutely in love with the backpack and wants to carry it everywhere! 

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