Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013

We spent a good part of the day cleaning out the closet in Isaac's room.  Very little of what is in that closet actually belongs to Isaac.  Since we don't have a garage, or attic, or even a coat closet in this house Isaac's closet is used for all kinds of random storage.  And it was getting out of hand.  Like hard to open without things falling.  Anyway, we didn't get out much other than Charlie making a trip to Goodwill, and then we had an early dinner at Souplantation.  We were back home by like 6:30, the boys were running wild, and we still had two hours until bedtime.  I suggested the park and Charlie countered with the idea of a walk.  The boys were excited, except Luke didn't want to walk - he wanted to run.  He kept telling us "go for a run!"  When Charlie & I go out running we always say "Goodbye, I'm going for a run."  I guess Luke thought that sounded like a better idea.  And he did run, for probably the first 3/4 mile of our 2 mile walk (run).  Pretty impressive for those little legs.

Here's an after photo of one half of the closet.  I wish it looked more like something out of a Container Store catalog, but it's a whole lot better than what it looked like this morning.

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