Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12, 2013

Three photos today.  First, my handsome boy on his third day of Kindergarten.

Luke & Isaac sampling some white grape peach juice at Costco.  Isaac exclaimed "I love it Mom!  Let's buy it!"  Also, I am so thrilled that Luke can drink out of a cup.  That might seem weird, but Isaac could not do it at this age.  He was about 3 1/2 before he could do it.  He didn't have the muscle strength or the ability to coordinate the muscles in his mouth.  We practiced for months and months with different kinds of cups and different consistencies of liquid to help him learn.  Watching Luke grow & develop has been such a different journey than with Isaac.  As a parent, you experience so much joy from the simplest little things that your child learns or accomplishes.  Each discovery or development is so exciting!  But on the flip side of that, when you have a child that is not developing on track the amount of heartache, worry, and despair you feel with each missed milestone is just as great.  We had some really rough years when Isaac was younger, but we are so thankful for how far he has come.  He did eventually meet most of those milestones - just on his own time.  And to see Luke learn simple things that required so much effort with Isaac, brings such a huge feeling of relief.  

Tonight my friend Jodie invited me to a huge Lululemon warehouse sale in LA.  The sale doesn't start until tomorrow but tonight they had an event for employees only, and they could each bring a guest.  I felt so flattered and lucky that she chose me!  Charlie came home from work a bit early so Jodie & I could make it up there in time and be there when the doors opened.  It was kind of overwhelming and definitely a bit of a treasure hunt, but I found some great pieces.  I went a little overboard.  You know when people start going all crazy the hysteria can be contagious!  Anyway, I got a few things for myself, a few for Charlie, and the rest I will sell on EBay.

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