Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013

Luke and I went to Trader Joe's this morning.  Two times ago both boys had little carts and they were terrible.  So last time neither one got a cart.  Today I gave Luke another chance.  He wanted to wear his (empty) backpack to the store.  The first 10 minutes or so were pretty cute.  And then he was tired of the backpack and threw it on the floor.  When I picked it up he got mad.  So I offered for him to wear it again, and he threw it on the floor again.  Things quickly went down hill from there.  Luke was laying on the floor having a full on tantrum and I had to pick him up and carry him out to the car.  When he was finally calmed down, I sat him in a regular cart, went and picked up our food from the little cart and finished our shopping trip.  The little carts... though they look adorable and fun, have really been more of a curse for me and my boys.

Tonight Charlie took Isaac to an Angel's game.  When they were getting ready to go Charlie mentioned that Isaac needed his hat and a jacket.  We'd already broken the news to Luke that he wasn't going, but he wanted a jacket and hat too.  I took him to get frozen yogurt instead and he insisted that he wear his Angel's hat and a jacket because, as Charlie had told Isaac "it will get cold!" 

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