Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Luke is now doing preschool twice a week.  It is a great little program and I'm so happy this worked out for him.  We are using his therapy hours from Regional Center, but because he is doing so well we opted to move him up into the preschool program at ICEC.  I suspect he may no longer qualify after his next evaluation, but for now he is loving it.  I tried again this morning to get some good photos of him but the neighbor's dog was running loose in the courtyard and Luke was much more interested in the dog than my camera.

While he was at school I stopped by a local nursery to look for a new tree for our front porch.  I've manage to kill two English Boxwoods in the past two years, which has made me really sad because I thought they were so cute.  I obviously do not have a green thumb.  This time I'm going with a Ficus (sans Spider plant).  I think they are pretty hard to kill and I've always loved Ficus trees.  He's a small little tree, but I love the braided trunk and I'm hoping I can help him grow to the perfect porch size tree without killing him.

Tonight our FHE lesson was about Enos and about prayer.  I made some Fudgy Rocky Road bars for dessert, and then Charlie took the boys out for an evening walk while I cleaned up the dishes and the house for bed.  They were both excited to get to carry flashlights and go out in the dark.

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