Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

It never gets old.  Luke can hear a trash truck from a mile away and every time he insists that we go outside to watch it.  "A trash truck!  I hear one!  It IS here!" (Sometimes he hears them from a block or two away and I tell him "No, it's not here."  But he always insists that it is.)  Isaac used to be equally obsessed with trash trucks when he was younger.  Then he got over it, and now because Luke gets so excited, Isaac is on board again too.  Tonight they were doing arm movements to imitate the grabber arms and dumping action of the truck.

And then because the trash man was taking soooo long, they decided to just take a seat.  We've had the same trash man for years and he gets the job done quick.  But lately there is this other guy that comes sometimes and he is unbelievably slow.  It takes him at least twice as long as the other guy.  It drives me crazy!  I'm always standing out there thinking he is incredibly inefficient and I am tempted to get out there and do it myself.  Okay, not really, but the slowness is irritating.  There are four dumpsters and we must watch the dumping of all of them.

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