Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

We have to wait to pick up Isaac on the Kindergarten playground after school.  But kids (younger siblings) are not allowed to play on the equipment without teacher supervision (liability reasons I'm sure).  So poor Luke is just dying to go play on the slide and instead I have to hold him back and listen to his pitiful cries.  Hopefully it will get easier as the year goes on.  Today I promised him we would go to the park instead.  They both liked that idea.  

Later this evening I was mixing up some cookie dough (I am bringing cookies for a funeral luncheon on Friday - tragic death of a young father who was the son of a woman I used to VT), and Luke was sitting on the counter watching.  When Charlie came home from work he decided to hose off the front porch and that was suddenly much more interesting than the cookies.  Isaac wanted to watch too.  

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