Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013

Today I had to take Luke for a hearing screening.  This was kind of ridiculous because I'm positive that Luke's hearing is just fine.  In fact it's more than fine.  He has like super human ears and wakes up from sleep at the drop of a pin.  Anyway, because he is receiving speech therapy through Regional Center they require a hearing screening to ensure that hearing loss is not contributing to the speech delay.  I had to do this same thing with Isaac and in fact the same doctor did Luke's test.  (That was four years ago and in a totally different office but she actually remembered Isaac and I.)  

I took Luke into a sound proof booth and the doctor sat outside and watched us through a window.  The test started with all sorts of strange sounds of different tones and volumes, coming from various speakers throughout the room.  The doctor watched Luke to see how he responded to the sounds and if he looked the right way.  There were black boxes with stuffed animals inside of them and when Luke looked in the right direction the box would light up and the animals played their drums and cymbals.  The animals were every bit as creepy as I remembered them!  They light up with red eyes and make strange alien spaceship sounds.  But Luke thought it was fun, so I guess they serve their purpose.  Isaac was supposed to be sitting outside the booth playing with the iPad and eating the snacks I brought for him.  That lasted for about two minutes before he started knocking on the door.  He couldn't stand missing out on all of the excitement.  The doctor told him he could sit very still and quiet in the corner of the booth.  If you know Isaac, you know that didn't happen.  But we did eventually make it through the test.  All three of us.  And Luke's ears are just fine.  

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