Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26, 2013

Isaac had a dentist appointment today.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  He's been twice before and one time he did awesome and the other time was a total nightmare.  I was pleasantly surprised today when he handled it all like a champ.  Luke, on the other hand, was like a whirling dervish.  The waiting room was a total fiasco as was the last 10 minutes or so of the appointment when the dentist was trying to talk to me about some work Isaac needs to have done.  I had three different people tell me "Wow, you've sure got your hands full."  I don't know if that should make me feel better or worse about my wild and crazy boys.  Anyway, we made it out alive but we need to go back soon for Isaac to get some work done.  And I suppose I should make an appointment for Luke too.  Sounds fun.

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