Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9, 2013

My oldest sister Lisa and her family are visiting from Utah this week to go to Disney Land.  Tonight Sandy had us all over to her house for a family dinner.  It was nice to all get together since my family is not very close.  My brother Brian lives locally, but we haven't seen him in over a year and he didn't return any phone calls about the dinner tonight.  But at least we had all four sisters together, and that hasn't happened for six years.  (From left to right: Lisa, Carrie, Wendy, Sandy)

The house was a bit crazy with all of the kids running around, but they had fun playing together.  Here are all of the cousins that were there.  Isaac, Lisa's step son Taylor, in the chair is Katie, Ryan & Emma (three of Sandy's kids), behind the chair is Seth (Lisa's step son), then Lauren (step daughter) and Katie (Lisa's daughter) on the grass, Hailey (Sandy's daughter) on the chair, Josh (Lisa's son) behind her, and then little Luke.  Lisa also has two older step sons that didn't come on this trip.  And of course our husbands were there too, but we forget to get a photo with them!  Bill, Chris & Charlie.

Lisa's birthday is later this week so we celebrated tonight.  I was in charge of dessert.  I had been wanting to try my friend Amy's recipe for a fresh strawberry cake and tonight seemed like as good a time as any.  It was a huge hit and every last crumb was eaten.  I also made a Texas sheet cake since I knew that one cake was not going to be enough to feed the whole crowd.  

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  1. So fun to have the four sisters together!! It's crazy for me to see the picture of Josh all grown up. Still remember having his newborn picture on the shelf in our apartment at the Glenwood. :) BTW, I was talking to Abuela the other day and she said it now costs $92 to get into Disneyland! How does any family afford it?!

    Oh and double BTW! We are coming down for the 4th of July. Will you be around?