Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 4, 2013

We're back at home and dealing with vacation aftermath.  Mountains of laundry, suitcases full of sand, no groceries, piles of mail, phone messages, long to-do lists, and jet lagged tired kids.  But Kauai is totally worth all of that.  Dinner wasn't going to be made by me tonight so we went to Rubio's.  Luke thought the table tents worked nicely as tunnels for his trucks.  You can see how his arm is all scratched up.  He actually looks a lot worse in person.  I used a new brand of mineral sunscreen on this trip and near the end of the week I noticed that it was totally drying out our skin.  Luke's was by far the worst.  His arms got kind of bumpy and itchy and then he scratched at them and his skin just split open.  He also has horrible dry patches on his face and ears, skinned up knees (from falling), blisters on his feet from flip flops, and one foot is still a bit red and swollen from a bee sting he got the first day of our trip. He looks TERRIBLE!  Poor kid.  

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