Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013

Oh Luke, what can I do with you?  Lately he is very insistent on climbing in and out of his car seat by himself and also walking running to and from the house.  "I do, I do, I DOOOO!!!"  But the problem is he takes off running and he always falls.  Like at least 4 or 5 times a week he has major falls - usually in the parking lot.  It is so so sad because he skins his knees and his palms all up.  He cut both of his knees open from falls in Hawaii and they have not had a chance to heal because he keeps falling over and over again.  So every time we are walking I am constantly reminding him "don't run Luke, be careful, don't fall, etc, etc" but he doesn't really listen.  He does NOT want me to carry him, he does NOT want to hold my hand, and he does NOT want to walk slow.  Unless of course I have my arms full of groceries or something and then he wants to stop and look at ants while I try and corral him into the house with no hands.  Anyway, he cut his knee up pretty badly the other day and it would not stop bleeding, so I put a Mater band aid on it.  He just calls it the "truck" but he loves, loves, loves it and won't let me take it off!  Let's hope his little knee gets a chance to heal this time.  

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  1. Yes. I'm convinced. He and daphne are very similar. "My do it" was her trademark 18 month -2 year old line. And I wasn't allowe to help and we had plenty of skinned knees. It's frustrating and endearing at the same time...but only endearing when we talk about it after she's asleep. :) I hope his little knees heal too. He's very cute, Carrie.