Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 11, 2013

Judging by this photo, I am obviously the meanest mom there ever was.  Luke and I had been out running errands all morning and he kept begging to go to the donut store.  I finally relented and made that our last stop before picking up Isaac from school.  When they both got in the car after playing at the park I showed Isaac the pink box in the front seat and told him that he could have one after he ate lunch.  And that's when the world came to an end.  Isaac wanted a donut NOW and Luke was just mad because Isaac was mad (he'd already eaten half of one at the donut shop).

The day didn't get much better from there.  After lunch and donuts we went outside to ride bikes.  Luke usually alternates between having me push him around and walking his trike with his feet.  His legs have always been too short to really reach the pedals (even with the seat moved all the way forward).  Today I thought he just might be tall enough so I tried teaching him how to pedal.  Well he caught on quick enough and really really wanted to do it, but his legs are still just a bit too short to make the full revolution.  Poor guy was so frustrated and mad.  He has an independent streak and really wants to do everything himself.  After a lot more tears and a lot more trying I finally had to pick him up and carry him inside before the whole neighborhood came out to see what was going on (two neighbors actually did).

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