Friday, December 20, 2013

December 20, 2013

Isaac's school wasn't having any type of holiday parties so the Kindergarten room moms organized a cookie party at the park after school instead.  We had another meltdown when Isaac saw the long line at the cookie table and was worried he wouldn't get one with chocolate frosting.  Anyone who says girls are a lot of drama hasn't met Isaac.  We eventually got our cookies and Isaac added a few M&M's and enough sprinkles for 10 cookies on his.  (If you happened to notice the smudged stripe across his forehead, that is a light saber that he drew on himself with crayons.  Huh?)  

Here's Luke, Isaac, and Chris with their cookies.  We stayed and played at the park for a while but it was kinda nuts.  There are usually anywhere from 10-20 kids who stay to play after school, but with the party and having both the Early Birds and Later Gators, there were probably 50 kids on the play structure and it was insane.  

After we dropped Chris off I took my boys and headed out to Diamond Bar to meet up with my parents.  They arrived from Utah last night and are staying with Sandy in Chino Hills for Christmas.  We had a crazy lunch at The Whole Enchilada, which was a family favorite when we were growing up.

Our friends the Oyler's host a Christmas party every year to watch the Newport Beach boat parade from Tennyson's parents house on Lido Island.  It's something I like forward to every year.  We have dinner at the house and then head out to the beach to watch the parade.  Isaac's favorite boat was this dragon one that even spit fire!  Luke says his favorite was the "dancing one" or in other words, the one that was playing fun music that he was rocking out too.

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