Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 8, 2013

Today we went to hear my cousin Roger speak in sacrament meeting for his mission homecoming (his younger brother Jason left last month so they just missed each other!).  Roger is returning from a Spanish speaking mission in Florida and gave a really impressive talk.  When we were at their church building last month my boys noticed this really "cool" car, and sure enough we spotted it again today.

Afterwards we went back to the Baugh's house for brunch.  There were less cousins this time so my boys got bored (and cold) outside.  We didn't end up lasting very long.  I had intended to get a photo with Roger but we ended up having to leave in a hurry when Lukester had a major meltdown.  He was overly tired and apparently not in the mood to have his photo taken either!

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