Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013

I tried to have Isaac help me wrap the gifts that he picked out for everyone, but he was more interested in building space ships.  Don't you just love this wrapping paper though?  I'm a little obsessed with all things dachshund.  And although Isaac didn't care about wrapping, he has really loved thinking up ideas on how to trick everyone about the gifts they are getting.  He keeps telling me that the gift he & Charlie picked for me is a box of paper clips.  For his Grandpa Wood, he got him a Jeep t-shirt but Isaac wants to tell him that it is underwear with hearts on it.  And every time we talk about this he laughs hysterically.  

Charlie and I were relaxing on the couch this evening.  We normally just sit at opposite ends of the couch doing whatever on our computers or phones, but tonight we were cuddling a little and Cracker just couldn't stand it.  Seriously, whenever this dog sees Charlie showing affection to anyone but him, he has to come nose his way in.  It is ridiculous and funny but can be annoying too.

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